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Development of a MS-Windows program for Air Consumption Calculation

Faiveley Transport Italy is searching a candidate with engineering skills in informatics able to develop a software tool that can be easily installed on any MS-Windows computer. This tool shall be able to collect the technical input data, elaborate the data and calculate several output data. The scope of this calculation is to determine if a train’s pneumatic system is able to work according to a defined architecture, considering the units producing compressed air and the devices consuming compressed air.
The user interface shall be a graphical user interface with look & feel similar to other standard Windows programs. The user shall be guided through the data collection and the possible choices of calculation parameters and output. Help text shall be available for each input field.
The tool shall be capable to produce a report summing up the input data, the calculated data and the used formulas in a commonly used and editable text format (e.g. docx, rtf) based on a Faiveley standard template.
The choice of the utilities necessary for the program development and the programming g language shall be part of this project and in charge of the candidate. The utilities shall be chosen to allow easy maintenance of the program in the future and the source code shall be made available to Faiveley. Besides the source code a Windows installation package shall be the output of the project so that the program can be installed and used without informatic knowledge by the user.
The program’s user interface and the output report shall be in English language.

In terms of documentation (all documents in English language) the following shall be part of the project:

• Detailed technical and functional specification of the program. This shall be done after the analysis and shall be approved by Faiveley’s engineering team.
• User manual for the program users.
• Detailed technical description for the software engineers who will maintain the tool in future, explaining the used utilities and all other necessary technical items.

The candidate shall do the analysis for the tool development at the Faiveley site in Piossasco (TO) interfacing directly with the engineering team that has the necessary knowledge and specification. The software development and preliminary testing can be made from home office.
The candidate should use his/her own PC. For extended software testing on different Windows installations and languages, PCs available in several company sites in the world can be involved remotely. The candidate shall interface with test users in other sites worldwide to collect feedback for the debugging. Presentation, final testing and debugging of the program shall be done at the Faiveley site in Piossasco (TO) with the support of the engineering team.
The time planning should be approx. 3 months.
This proposal can be used for a thesis if considered sufficiently complex.

Requested skills:
• Adequate knowledge of informatics close to graduation level.
• Knowledge of programming languages adequate for the project.
• Experience in programming GUI on MS-Windows (samples shall be shown).
• Good level of English, sufficient to generate the texts used in the GUI and report, and to interface with the test users worldwide.
• Capability to work with the engineering team and to push the project forward autonomously.

Learning skills:
• Team working in an engineering team.
• Improving skills of technical analysis starting from user specification.
• Understanding the needs of a real user application.
• Combining knowledge of informatics, physics (of air consumption) and text processing (for the report).
• Learning to manage unexpected topics during the development.
• Dipping into the world of electro-pneumatically controlled railway brakes and related systems.