Analytics & CRO Consultant

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We are looking for a Analytics & CRO Consultant to be employed  in our digital teams in Merkle Italy.

The candidate will be involved in the tech and analytical phase of the projects supporting the team and the Clients to reach their goals throughout a complete tracking architecture and a consistent optimization process.

You will

  • Create the tracking brief according to the defined architecture.
  • Follow the entire implementation process.
  • Implements necessary tags into the Tag Management system
  • Analyze data and UX to provide valuable insights.
  • Evaluate the users journey and define a strategy to improve conversion rate.
  • Create a pipeline of actions and hypothesis to test.
  • Guide the developers in implementing A/B tests and validate the results.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Marketing, Economics, Mathematics, Engineering or similar
  • Knowledge of Analytics panels (in particular Google Analytics & Adobe Analytics)
  • Knowledge of Visual Analytics tools
  • Knowledge of Tag Management solutions
  • Knowledge of A/B testing platforms
  • Familiarity with data viz tools (e.g. Data Studio)
  • Familiarity with programming languages (e.g. Javascript)
  • Fluent English
  • Be a problem solver and have customer management skills
  • Be proactive towards the client and the team with whom there is a strong collaboration