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Bari, Milano, Torino

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Are you looking for making the difference, applying your technical skill for solving interesting challenges and keeping them honed by learning all the most innovative cloud technologies for IoT solutions? Well, that’s nice because we’re also looking for you!


We’re searching for people with high skills in event-driven and real-time cloud infrastructures, which will manage thousands of connected devices with the latest IoT technologies. You’ll work with major cloud providers like Amazon Web Service and Microsoft Azure (and you’ll have the chance to earn juicy certifications!), technologies like Kubernetes and serverless, all kinds of DB models for managing data (we’re huge fans of “the right tool for the right problem” motto), languages like Java, Kotlin, Python, Typescript; we’re also looking for “explorers” that will roam the frontier of the technical innovation, for bringing the technologies of the future in today’s architectures.

Are you up to the challenge?


In Concept you’ll find:

  • A human-centric working environment, in which you’ll count as a person and not just as a developer.
  • A target-driven organization, which will allow you to reach common and personal goals.
  • The possibility to work with prestigious national and international customers, keeping your language skills at the top and being able to visit many places all over the Europe.
  • The chance to drive the innovation, by collaborating to our many laboratories and research project.


You’re perfect for us if:

  • You’re a technology enthusiast that will always look for the best solutions and curious about emerging trends.
  • You set yourself for the highest standard: if there’s your name on that, it must be of the outmost quality.
  • You are a nice team player, while also being able of being the rockstar when the situation calls for it.
  • You’re able to communicate effectively in English (no certification required, just the ability to understand and be understood)


Your contribution will be invaluable in:

  • Designing cloud architecture that suits the need of our customers.
  • Present and explain the designs to other architects.
  • Ensure the quality of the delivery by creating clean code and review the one created by the team.
  • Analyze and employ technological innovation in a controlled, quality-sensitive manner.





Concept Reply invents E2E IoT solutions for automation, efficiency, usability, and sustainability of industrial processes and connected products and vehicles.

We work with our customer on every part of the system: from the hardware design and the implementation of the embedded software, to the edge and cloud services, all the way to the user channels like mobile applications on smartphones and wearables, voice assistants, and embedded display/infotainment.

We use Innovative technologies and methodologies like robotics, AI/ML, edge and cloud computing.