Embedded Specialist

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Bari, Milano, Torino

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Contratto a tempo indeterminato


We are looking for a skilled and passionate C/C++ developer to join our team working on connected vehicles!

In this role, you will contribute to the implementation of features aimed at expanding the user experience out of the physical boundaries of the car/truck/bus/other by writing code that will run directly inside the control units on the vehicle.

We are facing lots of challenges in the road to electrification and towards autonomous driving as well as some deep changes in the general architecture of how vehicles and their electronic systems are meant to be built: it’s a good time to join the pack!



Working with your colleagues and the customer team you will be in charge of developing embedded applications running on telematics boxes of the next generation of vehicles. Your daily activities will include:

  • Design and develop new logics and extend current functionalities
  • Adhere to strict coding quality guidelines to meet the safety requirements of the automotive industry
  • Optimize your code to match the computing power available on embedded systems as the ones built in modern vehicles
  • Analyze and estimate new requirements and change requests



C++, some Linux experience and the basic stuff (git, scrum, etc). You’ll learn the rest of what you’ll need, including MQTT, CAN & related tools, basic JS/python if required to automate stuff, gRPC, …



Stimulating work environment, with daily challenges to keep you active

Working in team, you’ll have the chance to interact and learn from your fellow developers

See the processes that allow a complex system (as a car can be) to reach production grade quality

We’ll work with you to define a personalized growth plan to match your strengths and ambitions



Concept Reply invents E2E IoT solutions for automation, efficiency, usability and sustainability of industrial processes and connected products and vehicles.

We work with our customers on every part of the system: from the hardware design and the implementation of the embedded software, to the edge and cloud services, all the way to the user channels like mobile applications on smartphones and wearables, voice assistants, and embedded display/infotainment.

We use Innovative technologies and methodologies like robotics, AI/ML, edge and cloud computing.